hey i did lv1 and lv2 in plastering diploma 2years full coures when i apply for the skilled cs card them said i need nvq or city in guild quilfcation to get back on site how do i get them to plz help

phillip gregson (2 years ago)

Hi Andy hope you all are ok at gold trowel phil from Derbyshire

philp cross (2 years ago)

I was thinking about buying a roll of 1mtr x 50mtr Akaline Resistant mesh.Thought it might be useful on covering any areas that are are plywood, prior to skimming. Thought it would save me some time, instead removing ply and replacing with plasterboard. Anyone doing this? Shit idea or good idea? Any answers or personal abuse appreciated? Cheers

scott pickens (3 years ago)

I have just completed a two week bricklaying course at Goldtrowel. The course was excellent, thanks to Mick, the instructor, he made it knowledgeable and fun. I now have the confidance to build garden walls. Many thanks to al at Goldtrowel.


Les Coshell (4 years ago)

Hi all, I'm back again are there any spreads out there looking for a labourer/improver in Norfolk? I have recently relocated to just outside Norwich and looking for work.

kind regards

rob firmin (4 years ago)

hi, beginning to see it quite alot of work. price would be for labour along as id get any materials. job also includes floor screed and external wall render as well as the plastering. many thx.wayne

Graham Schofield (4 years ago)

OK all, didn't get much response there! Would be happy to pay cash to anyone who up for helping me along the way, on a price. Essex based.Get back on here and we can then exchange details. many thx wayne 1704.

Graham Schofield (4 years ago)

Many thx J Jameson, will bond up and then skim probably with a finishing plaster as opposed to multi finish.

Graham Schofield (4 years ago)

Hi all, just started converting my outbuilding/garage into a home cinema. only previously done a weekend course over at the training centre. Doing well with boarding out , but have noticed due to uneven walls, have now obviously got uneven boards horizontally and in some places vertically. do i need to apply thistle bond prior to a finish,or can i apply a multi finish in gradual stages to acheive the same effect? worthwhile in terms of material/time? wayne1704. thx

Graham Schofield (4 years ago)

Bond it out mt, then skim

j jameson

Plus i got 10 day inter to do shortly over 5 weekends. looking fwad to that. any tips anyone? wayne 1704.thx

Graham Schofield (4 years ago)