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Do you find it difficult to look for a plastering specialist to fix all your issues in ware, hertfordshire. At Rose Plastering we provide Plasterer(s) to fix all at reasonable prices.

SoniaJazz Admin (3 years ago)

Hi - my husband is a plasterer (20 plus years) and is now considering offering "polished plastering". Could someone please advise which course would be best? Many thanks

langley plastering (3 years ago)

Hi Andy
Really enjoyed the w/end Marble plastering course 6/7 Dec. Just booked your w/end plastering course in new year. See you then for the 8am kick off. Have a great Christmas & New Year
BTW any one thinking of doing this course well worth it. I never held a trowel in my life but came away wanting to come back for more training.

inde panesar (4 years ago)

Hi Owen. It depends on the finish and the colour and the substrate. Feel free to bell me Cheers Andy 01708344700

editor (4 years ago)

Hello people. I am thinking about doing a Venetian plastering course and was wondering what the earnings would be, average price per meter and all that. Cheers :)

owen pritchard (4 years ago)

I meant price per metre.

owen pritchard

Check these out../ My New Partners for Plasma 3D Polished Marble Plastering

editor (4 years ago)

Got my new website online:

Now all I need is some work :) If anyone needs a hand, primarily in the Sussex area but have car will travel, do give me a shout.....

steve huckle (6 years ago)

Hi Steve whats ya number mate stick it on here and ill give you a ring if anything comes up i cover the sussex area portsmouth to brighton theres plenty in the pipeline at the present and an extra spread may come in handy
cheers mate

adrian turner

Cheers Adrian! 07809 471741.

steve huckle

Ade - absolute pleasure working with you and stevey these past few days. Nice to work with guys who want to do it right and keep it clean (and have a half decent taste in music). We did a cracking job there, not least on those pesky circular windows; good job I remembered 2(pi)r ;)

steve huckle

Nice one Steve it was my pleasure too great job excellent finish ..3.5 days to do chalet bungalow skim 3bedrooms 1 bathroom stair landing and two circular windows total walls and lids approx 200m2 i wonder when well use (pi)R again lol thanks again mate

adrian turner

r x r x 3.142

shane jobber

Alright lads, I've just finished the venetian course myself and would love to jump in with someone for a bit more experience. I'm in Crawley,West Susses and have got wheels . Simon 07769688067

Graham Schofield

Just done the weekend Venetian PLaster course, excellent teaching and wish I had a signed up for a week, I myself have a trade in the Building industry so therefore know that Andy is professional in his work, also enthusiastic and is an excellent tutor. Personally he is way above any other company out there, you only need to visit the work shop and see for yourself.

alex ramsay (5 years ago)

i want to get into polished plastering any ideas guys on courses or any help much appreciated thanks gary

gary redman (5 years ago)

Hi guys. Finished my polished flooring course last week. Must say a big, big thank you to Andy Marshall. As always, great teaching and still very pasionate about his trade. Finished loads of finishes and completed lots of meterege in the work bays. Andy made sure that I totally understood everything that he was trying to get across and I know that he'll be at the end of the phone if ever I needed him. I can't recomend this course and any other course for that matter. All the instructors were friendly and helpful and more than happy to answer any questions when asked. Thanks again Andy, it's a beautiful thing, it's emotional!

Many thanks
Haydn Lucock

haydn lucock (6 years ago)

great feed back - i am considering this course, does it cover the whole spectre e.g. incl the grinding of floors and polishing them up, hardening, polishing etc ?

arvid tage