shane jobber (4 years ago)

can you k rend over pebble dash or tyro lean with hpx?

john cranston (5 years ago)


First I would like to apologise to everyone, when Jeff first built this forum it was booming with posts, messages and questions, then I came along and what I thought changed it for the better by added loads of new features actually confused many people and now no one really comes on here much, so if its not too late im going bring back the topics.

Rolling back time:
I'm going to change the forum style again because to many members getting confused on how to use it. So I'm going tp rolled back the clock a little and bring back the list of topics we used to have before.

no more following, stream just how everyone liked the way it was

For those of you that like or agree to a particular post just click the like button to let them know your thoughts.

Please post any comments on the feedback and requests forum.

hope all is well


shane jobber (5 years ago)

hi i've just joined as was recommended to do so by someone else, however i cannot update anything on my profile. Help!

guy alexander bell

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I am currently working on new profile pages for everyone. It is in development but i plaster during the day and develop websites in the evening (strange combination i know). please bare with me.

if you find anything else or would like any features please post and i will see what i can do.


shane jobber